Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Things Change and We Continue to Evolve

Loooong ago when I wrote my last post, we had just returned to VA from a visit to the West Coast. We were in love with the air, the water, the everything that we found in the Great Pacific Northwest.

I could go on and on about the transitions and changes we have been through, but that's all boring and moot now. I am writing this from our apartment in Seattle, WA. Our family relocated here in September and we are starting to settle into our life. Drew had a new job and we are living IN a city for the first time. All the kids are exploring and learning about a different state, city, culture, and geography. We explore the sea life, the geology, and the history that is all new to us.

And I am also going through changes as I incubate our 4th and final child.  We planned to add a final member to our family and learned of his/her existence on a trip out here to apartment hunt at the end of August. Aptly, we now refer to our baby as Pike. We expect his/her arrival in early-mid May since my kids tend to take their sweet time coming Earthside.

I'm hoping to write more. I feel like my "blogging" got off track and I tried to be too structured. I want this space to be about our family - for not only our family, but yours. This space isn't about controversy or getting more page views. For me, its about reaching out and maybe helping a mom sitting somewhere struggling with something in her life or just looking to see that she's not alone.

I'm evolving, too, after all. I don't get it all right all the time. I just do the best that I can for my family.