Sunday, May 2, 2010

M is for Monogram

I am very fond of my daughter's name. Her first name is classic and elegant. Her nickname undoubtedly suits her personality. Her middle names represent her roots, her family, and two strong, special women. It is quite a bit of name for such a wee girl, but I have the utmost faith that she will grow into it. Yes, I fancy her name indeed. Especially because it starts with the letter M.

Growing up, my mother and I shared the same first initial. Although this was confusing to some, it was glorious for one very crucial reason- monograms. Monograms!!! I do love monograms. I have used this embellishment in any way possible during the course of my years and am fairly certain this will not change as I age. My mother and I sharing the same first initial was not only something that created a bond, but made the sharing of items easier and multifunctional. Multifunctional is an important expression to us ladies. When we have an item that is multifunctional, we have much more justification for acquiring said item for our mutual benefit and enjoyment. Having shared this privilege with my own mother, I was eager to share a similar bond with my own little girl.

The first of our shared monogrammed items is a simple silver enhancer with a script M on it. I obtained it a few weeks after learning that our little bump was a she. Totally flabbergasted that I was having a little girl, I was absentmindedly scouting for a bauble that I could one day place around her neck. Something that was ours. Something that meant a just a bit more to the two of us. Something classic and elegant. Something that suited..... pearls.

When I saw the silver M reflecting light from its station upon a strand of exquisite pearls, I realized that what we shared was that M. We shared not only an initial, but a lifetime of memories and moments that would forever signify the women we were and would become. My life began with that M, shared between my mother and I, and now blazed the way for my daughter to create her own story. So much - all from the tiny letter M.

I have worn our M proudly upon the pearls my mother gave to me. I am looking forward to the day when my little M is gussied up with our bauble upon her own pearls. I know it won't be long, for time passes too quickly. But when that moment comes to pass, my M will be ready. She already has her pearls.

Her first pearls from Grandma - 10.11.2009

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