Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Reading

Miss Moo has always loved books. Ever since she was old enough to sit up she wanted to hold books, even if it was to rip pages or eat them. Miss Roo is at a similar stage now. I spend hours daily picking up all the books strewn all over the house. Sometimes I complain, but most days I feel blessed that my girls love reading as much as I do.

 This summer Miss Moo has begun "reading" to us. She has countless book memorized and sits to read them to us. She's asking about letters and spelling things to me, though she doesn't quite realize it yet. (So far, her favorite things to spell to me is Target ;) ) I have collected a few chapter books to begin reading to her. So far, she LOVES Betsy Tacy.  Three Tales of My Father's Dragon is patiently waiting. I'm considering a few other classics from my childhood, but I want to wait and see how she does with these before moving on.

Miss Roo actually enjoys sitting for stories right now. Her favorite thing to do is turn the pages. I'm trying to baby proof our bookshelves by placing the sturdier books at her level. Think that's working? ;)
We read the same books over and over. And occasionally they each surprise by pulling out something new and loving it immediately. They're amazing, these girls.

Now I must go, I was just thwacked on the leg with Dora Duck and emphatically told "BOOK BOOK!!!"

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