Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's been a week ALREADY!?!

There is something about the first few weeks after giving birth that seem lightning fast. Hours and daylight blend into a haze of diapers, nursing, and cuddles with a squishy, red baby. A week passes before you get you sea legs again. Visitors come and go. Pictures are taken. All in a flash that seems like mere hours.

My son is a week old today.  Though we are still getting to know one another, I have learned the following about him.

  • His face is a perfect blend of his two sisters. 
  • He nurses well and enjoys his food.
  • He likes to sleep. At night. This change is welcome and hopefully will last.
  • He looks for his father as much as he looks for me. 
  • He doesn't like being in the bouncy seat on the floor. Altitude is preferred.
  • He can sleep pretty much anywhere- car seat, bassinet, swing, lounger, bed, etc. (ALSO a welcome change.)
  • His flaky, newborn skin is disappearing and will be missed.
  • His lungs work and they work well.
  • He only cries when he's hungry or needs a diaper.
  • He gets the hiccups just like Miss Moo.
  • He likes to sleep with his hands near his face like Miss Roo.

He's a blessing. I couldn't imagine our family without him.

I'm working on his birth story in little bits. My time is invested in my family and our newness. I promise it will come.

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