Thursday, May 2, 2013

And Then There Were Three: Baby Boy's Birth Story - Part 3

I cannot adequately express in words how amazing getting into the birth pool felt. I’m not going to pretend that the pain magically disappeared or that I wasn’t nervous about the impending birth portion of my labor. But, in those early seconds, as the water surrounded and hugged my still swollen belly, I felt grounded, earthy, and at peace.

The next contraction began and as it built my body tried to push again. At first I fought the sensation, because in my head I kept hearing G say “6-7” and I thought it wasn’t possibly time to actively push. I didn’t want to exhaust myself. I didn’t want to make my labor longer than it needed to be. I tried to blow away the pushes without much luck. After a few more contractions, I gave into the sensation and gave a decent push as the wave washed over me.

I felt and heard a huge POP. “What was THAT?!?!” I screeched as I turned to Drew, still dutifully beside me.
“THAT was you water!!” he half spoke and half laughed.
“Yes, really.” G chimed in. “And it’s clear with some vernix. Everything looks great.”

At this point, I noticed that G had fully entered the room and was sitting on the toilet lid looking into the pool. With another contraction I gave another push. I heard G ask M for a flashlight. I steered her towards ours while M located theirs. Another contraction started and I pushed. Drew asked her if she needed to check me again. I looked up for her answer.

“Oh, no. I see his head every time she pushes.”

Something in my core changed. “Really?!?!?!”

“Really. He’s right there.”

A contraction began to build as she finished her sentance. I filled with determination. It was time to do this last bit of work with my son. So, I pushed. I mean I really pushed. Suddenly a head began to emerge. I blew away some of the burning and took a breath. I pushed again and I could see part of his face. “He has hair!” I said. I pushed again and his head was out.

G looked at me. “Malissa- reach down and catch your baby.”

“Now??! “ I said in shock.

“Now, “ she replied.

I sat up a little and leaned forward towards my son. Without pushing, his shoulders and body were born, right into my hands and forever into my heart. I lifted my son to my chest. We had done it.

At 6:26 am, less than 3 and a half hours after calling G, and with 16 minutes of pushing, I had three children and an overflowing heart.

Welcome to the world Baby Boy. We've been waiting on you!

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