Sunday, February 26, 2012

Party Planning Mode

Recently introduced to Pinterst, I have been sitting here tonight between loads of laundry gleaning ideas for Miss Roo's First Birthday party. The bittersweet reality that my second baby has almost reach a year on this planet is still settling upon my heart. The enjoyment of brainstorming is a nice way to distract myself from the impending transition into toddlerhood. Miss Moo's First Party was at our home with food, favors, and a lot of stress on this then pregnant Mama. Our house was new, we were announcing our pregnancy, and we were still adapting to a new city.

Roo's first birthday comes at a very different time in our lives. This birthday is in the spring, so we're planning on having the celebration at a local park that we used for Moo's last party. The "Happy Birthday Park" is small, toddler friendly, and part of our county parks and recs system so we won't be giving money to some fancy pants money pit. This event will also be the first that is centered around Roo and not Miss Moo. I am trying to be sensitive to the notion that Miss Moo may be jealous of her baby sister while acknowledging that big sisters sometimes have to step aside so their siblings can shine. Still on a learning curve myself, I can only pray that we will all be able to experience, celebrate, and evolve.

This birthday will also be an attempt to spend less, reuse more, and create elements at home. I've been looking into ways to have healthier foods in smaller amounts. Decorations can be made from our stash of construction paper, tissue paper, and scrapbook paper. "Favors" this time will be a little token of appreciation created by the birthday girl. Roo seems to favor all things rainbow and monkey these days so I am trying to compile some ideas and consider what would be the most fun for her.

I also want to be sure that we all take something away from this celebration. Too often we come together for special moments in life far too worried about the decor, gifts, and quantity of visible wealth. I know that I won't be able to prepare for this party without some degree of materialism, but I pray that I won't focus on it. Instead I want to not only watch my children play but to really see it. I want to listen to their laughter and hear it. I want all of those present to benefit from being part of the community cultivating these young lives.

This birthday we are at a different place. We are standing at the center of a village that my daughters have built.

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