Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Few Pregnancy Tips

Unsurprisingly, this pregnancy is completely different that my first two. I'm craving savory instead of sweet, I have a LOT of water retention, I'm not constipated, and I still occasionally feel yucky in the afternoons.

I had a jump in weight gain over the last 6 weeks in numbers, but not in how my clothes fit or what I look like (other than the belly). My midwife wasn't terribly concerned, she just asked me to drink more water and pregnancy tea (mine comes from Totem Herbal ) and to keep an eye on it.  When I got home I asked Drew if I looked bigger. We both decided I didn't I just looked, well, puffy.

So, the water drinking began. Wanna know what happened? 9 lbs GONE in 2 days. NINE!! Guess I need to drink more water, huh?

I've also been having a lot of leg cramps and general sluggishness this time around. I know that I'm caring for two girls full time and keeping a house going (can anyone hear Drew snicker at that one?) but I feel worn out even past that. I've done some research and here are some things I've learned.

  • I need more sleep - I'm not getting much more than 6 hours a night and my body and my baby need rest.
  • I need more water - Other than the retention realization of this week, I have been really lacking in the water department. 8-10 glasses, DAILY - at least.
  • I need to snack - I need to get protein rich snacks in when I can and not stuff myself to misery at meals.
  • I need more potassium - This particular need is a difficult one because most people use bananas as a go to and I really, REALLY dislike them. A lot. So, I looked up some alternatives and I'm adding them to my routine and shopping list. My top 5 right now are: avocado  spinach, yogurt, brussel sprouts, and tomato juice.

Do you have any tips for pregnancy fatigue and water retention? What are your favorite snacks?

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