Sunday, December 9, 2012

So, I've been MIA...

It's true. I have had NO time to devote to myself or blogging. Or myself. And, honestly, I'm starting to go a little nuts. I've been busy with holidays, a pregnancy, a house, and a family. And, somehow, I've kept it all together - except for the me part.

So, I've decided I AM taking time for myself each day to write. I find myself settling down at night to slip into a brief slumber (before I'm up for the first time to pee) and things/articles/posts start running through my head and I wish that I would just get up and write. Perhaps I need to get a little tape recorder to sit by the bed so I can capture my thoughts in those moments.

But I digress. I'm back and I'll try to get some stuff up today. Thanks for checking back in....

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