Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Planning Looks Different

Usually on Sunday nights, I sit down and work out a meal plan. Lately, the only planning that has been going on around here revolves around two little girls and the arrival of a little boy. I'm planning out the next month so I know what activities I can and can't do as I continue to grow rounder and need to stay closer to home. I'm planning a trip to NanaPop's to see MeMe one more time as a trio of girls. I'm planning the rest of the cleaning of the house. I'm planning how to attempt to keep my blog going the last 5.5 ish weeks of the pregnancy and with a newborn because that's proved challenging already.

I'm also making lists. Lists of what we still need. Lists of what we buy where. Lists of what the girls do each day. Lists of what is in the pantry and the freezer. A small list of what one Mr. E. Bunny will bring the girls.  Lists, lists, lists.

I love nesting. I love having the house together. I love the organization. I worry how quickly it will all disappear but try not to think about that as I make progress.

But mostly, I spend time wondering who my son will resemble more- me or Drew. I wonder if  he's going to be bigger than his sisters. I wonder if we'll get a blonde baby since we've already had a redhead and a brunette. I wonder if his feet will be as big as the ultrasound tech said. And I wonder how long it will be until he is in my arms.

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