Saturday, April 7, 2012

I'm a Contributing Writer!!

I'm very excited to announce that I have joined a fantastic group of women and am now serving as a contributing writer at Modern Alternative Mama!  If you haven't checked out her page, you should! Here's a little teaser of what I wrote. Head on over and check her out!!  (If you wanted to know about my beeswax wood polish, you'll find out there ;) )

 Rainbows and Reuse: DIY Birthday Ideas

In less than a month, my youngest daughter turns one. While my mind is spinning with the thought of my baby leaving babyhood, I am slowing charging into full party planning mode. As with every party or holiday, there will be gifts for the birthday girl. Frankly, I'm terrified of more plastic junk entering our house. We are trying to move towards having less (which in itself is a chore with two under 3), natural and green living, and using up before getting new.
This concept paired with Miss Roo's love of color has driven the direction of the birthday theme -- Rainbows! How simple and natural is a rainbow?  She will play with anything wooden or airy for hours at a time which has been an immense help in trying to plan a party for a wee girl that won't cost a ton and will help us be earth friendly.  We are planning to celebrate Miss Roo's party at a local park. It is our hope that our location will encourage outdoor play in all our guests, provide a connection to nature that a lot of us simply are not enjoying, and will support our locality rather than some big business and all their waste.  While I will be purchasing invitations due to my severely lacking Graphic Design skills, there are plenty of things that we can make at home to make the day color and bright.  So here are some DIY idea for decorations, gifts, and the favors to create a great party while reducing, reusing, and buying less!

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