Thursday, August 30, 2012

doTERRA Oils at Bathtime

I recently became introduced to doTERRA oils. I learned a decent amount and signed up for the membership. When our first shipment came I was thrilled.

Moo and Roo always enjoy bath time. There is splashing, giggling, and general busyness. This activity sometimes means that Moo won't be able to settle down for bedtime. She isn't really acting out or being "bad", she simply can't shut off her brain and go to sleep.  Enter doTERRA.

I started placing three drops Serenity and Balance in the bath water as the tub filled. The girls would start out fun and splashing and be calm and gentle within ten minutes. When bath time was over, I'd add a few drops to my fingers and rub them on the back of their necks. Daddy would do bedtime and everyone would be asleep within 30 minutes.

Then we skipped a bath time because we hadn't left the house. Moo was up until 10 and finally fell asleep in a bed she made outside my bedroom door. Again, she wasn't being bad. She just wanted to be where someone was because there might be something going on. The next night I FORGOT THE OIL.  Again, up until 10 singing in her room and "reading" books.

This afternoon we are heading to NanaPop's house. I have already packed our oils so that we can try our experiment there. Bedtime is usually more time consuming there but the girls essentially settle down. I am optimistic that things will go more smoothly because we'll have oils AND Daddy.

What tricks do you use with your little ones? Would you consider aromatherapy?

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