Monday, August 27, 2012

Mama Needs a New Plan

I've had a lot going on lately, and that's led to NOT a lot of me time.  I miss writing, I miss being crafty, and I miss reading. These are all things that I must focus on and reintroduce into my daily life.

The "school" year is quickly approaching  and we are still in limbo with Drew's work status. We are implementing a homeschooling plan with Moo and Roo which requires a rhythm in our lives. It also requires planning.

I have decided that I need to begin planning by setting time aside to plan. So, I am hoping to start scheduling in "work hours" for myself 4 times a week. I have also decided to start a structure to my blogging activities. Most of my bloggy friends have this and it works really well for them.

My current idea is as follows:

  • Mama Mondays  - I will focus on something I like and enjoy or feel passionate about.
  • Teaching Tuesdays - These posts will either relate what we are learning for the week, give a lesson plan or structure for a particular activity, or discuss a particular teaching style or strategy that I am interested.
  • Wordless Wednesday - I love the simplicity of these posts and have borrowed this idea from countless others.
  • Therapeutic Thursdays - Oils, home remedies, information on season needs, etc. I'm still brainstorming on this one a bit.
  • Fun and Frivolous Friday - This is my fun post. It will be about something we have done or are planning just to enjoy one another.
  • Simple Saturdays - I'm hoping to set this post schedule around simple ways to eat well and eat real food.
  • Sundays -  I am still considering what to do here. I'd like to focus on faith and family, but sadly we've been very lacking here lately. Perhaps this is the nudge that I need.

So there it is - a framework to a plan.

What do you think?

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