Thursday, January 19, 2012

Daddy Magic

The girls and I returned from NanaPop's yesterday afternoon. They were in a good moods thanks to lovely naps during the drive and the appearance of their Main Man (aka Daddy) at the door as we pulled into our driveway. Miss Moo has always been a bit of a Daddy's girl and her excitement at seeing him was abundant and familiar. Miss Roo was also happy to see Daddy and seemed slightly more responsive than usual to his cuddles and kisses upon our return.

Roo has always been a clingy baby. This behavior has been a learning experience for us all because Moo was much more of a hands off kinda gal. She cuddled when I nursed her or when she was taking a bottle from Daddy, but otherwise she was more than content to be in her exersaucer or Johhny Jump Up, or laying on the floor with her toys and her play mats. Roo shrieks as if being tortured each time she is placed in the Jump Up. She no longer cooperates to slide into the exersaucer. None of the swings made it past 5 months of use.  She likes our bed and (occasionally) the co-sleeper. Otherwise a lap or arms will do just fine. During our trip she became very sensitive to separation from me and cried almost every time she was placed anywhere but in someones arms.

Last night she fell asleep in the car seat on our trip home from dinner. She stayed asleep there for 3 hours. When she did wake, we nursed, we sang, we diapered, and still she was unhappy.

And then Daddy laid down next to her.

Yes, DADDY!! That wonderful guy who lives here and sings "ABC's" to her all the time. That furry faced guy who tickles her feet with his chin. That funny guy who makes blow fish faces and sends videos to make her giggle. YES YES! That guy!! Can you guess what happened when he laid down next to her???

Sleep! A whole NIGHT of glorious sleep!! Her attitude and appetite are 300% better since sleeping with her Daddy. What a glorious turn of events!!

I have felt less than 100% today. Since Mommies get no sick days, I eagerly awaited a short nap at nap time. Moo obliged and went right to sleep. Roo and I nursed. We played. We patted backs and bellies. Nothing worked. I missed my nap window and my upcoming appointment time crept closer and closer. Daddy came in to hang out with Roo while I changed and prepared to run out. I walked into the bedroom to say goodbye and I found Roo contently sleeping soundly next to Daddy.

Absence truly does make the heart grow fonder.

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