Monday, January 16, 2012


The girls and I have made a short trip to NanaPop's house. The weather has turned colder over our few days here and Miss Moo is a little stir crazy. Art and celebration of Dr. King distracted her for a little while, but it became clear that we needed some fresh air and vitamin D.

Our trips to NanaPop's are much more frequent in the warmer months, so outside playing provisions for cooler weather aren't as abundant.  Pop and I took her outside with a bucket for a little bit this morning, just to see what would happen. Here is the result.

After walking out into the yard with her buck, Moo paused to collect some "treasures." Our yard at home isn't as large and our trees are mostly barren for the season. Finding pine cones and acorns was quite exciting!

Pop and I took the opportunity to show her the lush green moss thriving in the brown grass.

She was fascinated by how rough the "bartk" felt compared to the soft moss.

The ice in the bird bath was quite surprising to Moo.

The cut wood may have been her favorite stop during our adventure. We showed her the rings on the inside of the tree, the difference in appearance from the bark to the pulp, and how heavy just one piece of trunk was to move. She grabbed a stick from the ground and hit the wood. She giggled and then started to drum.

"Mommy! I'm making sound!!"

15 minutes well spent!

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  1. It is adventures like this that enable us to survive with E. Glad she was able to get some fresh air!