Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Small Blessings (and the amazing power of prayer)

2012 has already shown itself to be full of challenges. Everyone at our house has been effected by the mounting stress over the past few weeks. Couple that with a trip out of town without Daddy for 5 days and the end result is two little girls whose behavior is nothing close to normal.

When I went to bed last night all I could pray for was help. I didn't ask for guidance or to keep my girls safe. I didn't go through my usual "list" of people who need prayers and support. I didn't even give God any real examples of WHAT I needed help with. I just sighed and asked for help.  I uttered it more as a cry than as a prayer. I willed it in my soul to be one prayer that was answered. I pleaded to be heard clearly even though my cries were weak and muffled. Somewhere in that haze of prayer I fell asleep.

This morning, Miss Roo was the first one awake. I snuggled her in next to me for our morning ritual and listened. I didn't hear Moo. I glanced at the clock. Then I stared. 8:38!! Twenty minutes later,  Roo was climbing all over the bed and I was yet to see a little burst of golden hair run through our bedroom door. I got up and began to dress. Maybe, I thought, we can go to the park! I checked my phone and saw that the temperature outside was quite nice and I smiled. Moo soon came through the door and was very enthusiastic about the idea of going to the "Happy Birthday Partk". We loaded in the van, grabbed a "hot", and went to the park.

We built sand castles, drew letters in the sandy soil, discovered moss, played on teeter totters, and climbed all over the climbing structure. We went for a walk around the park's short trail. We decided to go to the pet store to look at animals. We made a short trip to Trader Joe's and picked out lunch. We came home and Moo played in her sunfilled playroom while I heated up her food. Roo snoozed. Elizbet, one of Moo's favorite friends, came to eat and play in the backyard. We had a lovely lunch on our deck. At 1:05 we all came inside and headed to naps. Moo slept. Roo ate. I cleaned up the kitchen some and dug through our overrun pantry. I found 8 open and almost used up bags of various rice. Roo slept. Moo woke up.

Moo and I read some books and made a story. We emailed her story to NanaPop. We grabbed her a snack. I poured all the random rice into an extra storage bin and we played in the rice with one of her kitchen bowls.(Was this a mess? You betcha! But it was worth every grain I had to vaccum up!!) Roo woke up and we played some more. Daddy and I tag teamed cooking a lovely dinner. Afterwards, Moo painted in the tub and I read her Betsy-Tacy while Roo got some Daddy time.  Moo and Daddy did their bedtime routine and after Roo's bath, we did ours. Both of my girls went to sleep without an epic battle. We had a day free of tantrums, yelling, hitting, and full of smiles, giggles, hugs, and kisses.

 I needed today.

 Days like today help me understand that I'm doing okay at this Mom thing.  Days like today help me see that the only approval I need is God's. Sunday's sermon has echoed in my head all day. Matthew 3:17 was clearly the answer to my prayers.

God is good.


 Lootk Mommy! I'm building a sand castle!

Hours. Of. Entertainment. Cost - $2.00

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