Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Jealous Mess

Okay, let's all admit it. Somewhere, there's a mom that we're just a little bit jealous of deep down in that place we don't talk about. It may be the Mom who is totally put together with makeup, hair, AND matching clothes. It may be the Mom whose house is always clean and organized like something out of Martha Stewart Magazine. It may be the Mom who is out with her kids and her husband at the store OR the Mom who's HUSBAND is at the store with the kids.

My point is- we're all human. We all make mistakes and we all can improve. Something will always look better and we probably look better to someone else.  But there is a reason we are where we are. God placed me here in this organized mess for a reason. My goal is to search every day for why- and enjoy my mess while I am here.

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