Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Weekend Adventure: High Bridge Trail State Park

Drew grew up in and around Farmville, VA. I began spending time there when my brother began college in 1992 and have been around ever since then. A little hidden jewel of history and beauty, Farmville hold one of the most magestic walking bridges in the state and the US.

High Bridge was originally built in 1854 crossing the Appomattox River connecting Petersburg to Lynchburg. Originally constructied of wood atop 21brick piers,  it was succesfully burned by Confederate Troops during  the close of the Civil War. It was rebuilt shortly after the war and converted to an all steel structure next to the original stone piers in 1914.

The Bridge ceased it's use as a railway bridge in October of 2004. It was donated to Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation in December of 2006 and plans began to preseve and resurrect the gorgeous structure for recreational use. High Bridge Trail State Park opened on April 6, 2012 as a complete trail  - 147 years after the Battle of High Bridge.

Drew and I were excited to take the girls across the bridge after knowing its history and beauty all these years. I could go on and on about the gorgeous views and how much the girls enjoyed it, but I'd rather let the photos speak for themselves.  (And there are quite a few ;) )

Ready for our adventure.

Roo riding in style.

The girls enjoying all their Daddy's attention.

She really loved looking out at the trees.

Steel structure from 1914.

Piers from the 1854 structure.

The Appomattox River.

We DID get a lesson in on rapids, river movement, and construction.

On a mission.

 I would recommend this trail to any family with a love of history, adventure, and the outdoors. It is flat, well graded, and simple for children to navigate and explore. 

Happy Weekend!!

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