Saturday, September 1, 2012

Modern Alternative Mama Contributing Writer - The September Edition

Muddy Feet and Tree Hugs - A Nature Adventure

The girls running around on a journey of discovery.
Summer is slowly drawing to a close. Days are gradually getting shorter, temperatures aren’t soaring quite as high, and most families are preparing for their version of a new school year.
We are going to begin homeschooling with Miss Moo and Miss Roo this fall.  There are several factors in our lives that have lead us to this path and we are embracing it as an opportunity to discover many blessings. I have been doing a great deal of research to dust the cobwebs off the knowledge of my preschool teacher days. One thing that Drew and I have discussed is the need for more nature and earth in our girls lives and in their education. Recesses and play are important, but exploration is key.
This past week the girls and I visited Tuckahoe Plantation, the boyhood home of Thomas Jefferson. Our morning outing started as a quest to see the cows that our local farmers had grazing in the fields lining the Plantation’s driveway and maybe sneak in a little history of the area and the man. It resulting in a nature outing where sensory and discovery reigned.

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