Thursday, September 6, 2012

Stress Relieving Sushi - This Mama's DREAM!!

This week marked the launch of another terrific site, Modern Alternative Health. As you  may know, I am a contributing writer at the orginial site Modern Alternative Mama and I  am honored to have a spot as a contributing writer at the new site.

My first post at MAH is scheduled to debut on September 26th. It deals with ways to reduce stress naturally  through diet, herbs, and relaxation activities. As a family, we are evolving towards a natural based heath system in our house. I've done quite a bit of research in the past 6 months on ways to help accommodate this shift in lifestyle.

One thing that I kept finding, unsurprisingly, is how great fish is for us. Fish is loaded with naturally good fat.  In particular, fish contain large amounts of  OMEGA 3 Fatty acids.   These fatty acids have been proven to help brain function, help lower risks of cancer and cardiovascular disease, and increase immune system functionality.  The oilier the fish, the more Omega 3's - salmon is an example. Omega 3's also help reduce inflammation in the body.  Fish contain a large amount of vitamins A and D which promote healthy mood and immune function, critical for everyone but particularly those of us staying home with little ones.

I carried on with my research and noticed that a lot of articles that mentioned fish as something we should all be eating also mentioned SUSHI. Anyone that knows me really well knows that I took this information and ran with it!!
An evening of sushi with Drew.

Sushi rolls, be they traditional rolls or handrolls, are curled up in a little sheet of seaweed deliciousness called Nori. Nori is made of dried, roasted seaweed that has been pressed into thin sheets. It is versatile, tasty, and full of wonderful, health boosting surprises. Nori is LOADED with protein and essential vitamins, like A, B, and C. So much vitamin C, in fact, that it has twice as much as an orange.  Nori also has a tremendous amount of iron and magnesium.

Now consider that when you order a salmon roll, it carries some veggie in it as well - cucumber, avocado, etc. Add the goodness of oily fish, loaded Nori, and fatty avocado and you have a health roll to rival most vitamins! I am STOKED!!!

So consider adding some sushi, or even just Nori, to your diet or pantry. It's a great way to lower your stress levels, build your immune system, and satisfy your palate in one easy step!

I wonder if Drew has been feeding me sushi all these years for these reasons?? ;)

Would you add Nori to your weekly diet? Why or why not?

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