Friday, January 18, 2013

Fairy Fun!

Miss Moo has been VERY enamored with fairies lately. We have been talking about them, playing with them (Disney ones are at our fingertips -it's time for Mama to get crafty!), learning about them, and looking for them. So far, they have only visited at night but they have left us some GREAT stuff!

Gold Doubloons

We love all things pirate-y at our house and in the fall Miss Moo and I made some simple gold doubloons with food coloring, wooden disks, and a Halloween stamp. However, they weren't really special because they didn't glisten and sparkle. Moo asked me how we could make them sparkly and I told her we'd have to ask the Fairies. She forgot about it for a week or so - and then the Fairies (using some glitter glue, I think ;) ) left her a treat!

The Fairies left behind some Fairy Dust!

A doubloon.

Look at that sparkle!


Moo also left a note a few nights later asking for some Pixie dust. Now we have determined that since the Fairies brought it, it is Fairy Dust- but either way she was OVERJOYED to see it on her chalkboard.

Can you see the sparkly "mess" they leave when they fly? ;) 

A Little Tea Party

Apparently, Fairies also like to party - tea party that is!!

Look at those tiny, Fairy cups! So resourceful, those Fairies!! ;)

Next Week

I'm not sure what our Fairy friends will be up to next week- but it might have something to do with special, magic markers, a treasure hunt, and some new friends! Stay tuned!

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