Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Little Teaching Tidbits

Sometimes, getting Miss Moo to sit down to do any structured learning is next to impossible.  We have been able to clean up the playroom in the last few weeks, go through and arrange toys, and move out books so that she isn't as distracted by everything that is going on in her space. Doing so has led to some fantastic improvements.

Environment is Important

Cleaning things out has given us the opportunity to actually PLAY more in the playroom.  And the greatest thing about playing is that it leads to TRUE learning. We have built with blocks, colored, drawn and written, taken care of babies, read books, and cooked. Each simple activity has involved problem solving, dramatic play, creativity, motor skills (both fine and gross), and/or some basic subjects- math, reading skills, etc.

My Approach

I am trying to think more outside the box when it comes to homeschooling my children - learning the 3 R's is less imperative than learning life skills and thinking skills. The subjects will come as (and at times after) the foundations are laid. However, I do try to do something daily that deals with some type of "core" learning- whether it is patterns, counting blocks, letter recognition, cooking and measuring, etc.

One Example

This morning after playing with her babies and cooking some pizza, Moo found a little "worksheet" on her chalkboard. It was a simple exercise in letter recognition, letter sounds, and sight words. Once she noticed it I asked if she would like to give it a try. I'm trying to let the structured activities be self-initiated for a change to see if it leads to more interest in any subject areas.  At first she said "No, please," but walked to the chalkboard within a matter of 30 seconds.

Moo's "worksheet"- after Roo's additions.

I gave her no instructions- I simply asked what the pictures were on the board. She would identify the picture and then would tell me the first letter in each word.  She then took it upon herself to circle the correct letter and move to the next image.

At the bottom of the board were the words that corresponded with the images - I responded similarly when she asked what they were. She then related the first letters to the first letters that she has circled above. She looked at me and grinned. "I did it, Mommy!!"

Praise Her, Then Let It Go

I told her what an awesome job she had done and we high five'd. Then she moved on to her next activity of choice - loading produce onto her Whole Food truck. I gave the chalk to Miss Roo- who had been standing by to observe the whole thing - and she began coloring over our "worksheet". She scribbled over "BAT! BAT!" and Moo drove her truck around. 

Then I heard a slightly worried little Moo say, "Mommy, some of produce is missing. There are only 7 crates!"

Playing teaches everything.

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