Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Heart Is Spread Across the State

This morning, Miss Moo had gymnastics as usual. She was a little sad that Miss Roo was going with us  and she'd miss Mommy time but seemed to warm to the idea when she saw I was packing a few of her favorite toys, along with her "Punzel" blanket and a mysterious duffle bag, into the cargo area of the van.  She was even happier when we piled into the van after gymnastics to run errands and I pulled her baby doll from the back for her to play with. After a quick stop at Target for some random items I wouldn't have been able to explain (and thankfully she didn't ask) we traveled off to a mystery location for lunch.

We arrived and the 3 of us went in to grab a table. What was going on? Why weren't we eating? Suddenly I pointed out the window and who appeared???


A surprise lunch with NanaPop! And the news that she was going home with them ALONE! If a 3 year old can glow, my daughter did for a solid hour. She talked with all of us. She told me lots about what she planned to do. We played with her baby together for a bit. Then Roo and I loaded in the van to gas up and head home and Moo climbed into NanaPop's backseat. There were no tears from children nor from me - because I kept myself distracted by planning the rest of the afternoon in my head.

Roo and I returned to town to hit the baby store for some nursing and car seat items for Baby Boy and the pet store for food for Lady. Moo went to the grocery store with NanaPop to select some juice and fruit and then to their house to play with a new mermaid (be still her heart!). We spoke on the phone a few times. The 3 of us went to dinner together- very different from our normal family outings.

Now Drew and Roo are sleeping in Moo's bed- bedtime was a little different, too. I'm sitting here pondering how my heart can stretch so much for my girls - and how it will possibly be able to stretch more in April.

My heart is spread across the state tonight. My girls are happy, healthy  and surrounded by love. Sometimes I can't believe all the blessings in my life.

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  1. E is the same way! He loves staying with his grandparents (either side). I normally don't tell him until the very last minute because once he knows, he is OUT THE DOOR! Enjoy your time with Roo.