Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Breathing Easier

What's worse than earthquakes and a hurricane in the same week? Walking into your child's room and hearing her gasping for breath.

Last night around 1 am, we all piled into the van to head to the ER at St. Mary's. I can't say enough about how wonderful they were for us and our girls. Moo has a confirmed case of Croup and an ear infection. She had a dose of steroids and wonderful pink medicine to clear up her ear. We got home around 4 am and the girls were sleeping soundly. Today we were all a little off and the girls stayed in their PJ's. Moo was delighted to change once from Thomas PJ's to Buzz Lightyear ones. She asked for and ate Bock Bock Moo twice. We played with trains.  She also had a wonderful surprise waiting for her after nap - which she willing requested to have before 1pm.

When we went to NanaPop's house we took a TON of pictures at the Virginia Museum of Transportation.  Shutterfly was having a promotion for free 8 x 8 hardcover books.  NanaPop and I brainstormed on a Train ABC book of pictures from trains she had actually seen and touched.  Some letters were easier than others. Daddy even helped out some when we returned home. I consulted her Thomas ABC book and found there were still 3 letters that escaped us. We went to the library and found a fabulous book C is for Caboose.  On the 24th of August, I put the final touches on the book and ordered it. It was scheduled to arrive while we are at the beach in a week and a half. I was excited to see it when we returned because I had worked so hard on it.

When I went to get the mail during nap, there was an orange Shutterfly box behind our mailbox. I smiled. Trains always brighten Moo's day when she's well, but this little gift from above was just what we needed today.

Tonight, we are all breathing easier. And we've all read her book more than a few times.

The Cover

Title Page

Her favorite page so far

One of our trickiest letters

Back Cover

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