Friday, August 19, 2011

T is for Train...

Moo is obsessed with Trains. For a while, we thought it was just a genuine love for Thomas the Tank Engine. Now we realize she loves trains. Steam engines, diesels, hopper cars, box cars, you name it - she loves it! While in Roanoke visiting NanaPop, we drove each day down Shenandoah Avenue to see the trains as they made their way to and from the Round House. We saw beautiful diesels, tank cars, cabooses, etc. On Sunday, we went to a local park near a train track to play. Once Moo hear the whistle of the train it was all over.

"Oh CHOO-CHOO!! More Choo-Choo?? More Choo-Choo??"

Into the van we piled. Roo snoozed. Pop and Moo discussed the trains we might see. Once downtown, we decided to get as close to the trains as possible. Much in the footsteps of my Grandaddy*, I ignored the signs marking Norfolk and Southern property and pulled into an employee parking lot. We could see the trains, hear them, feel the rumble, smell the diesel. Moo asked to see more. I rolled down my window and hers. I was slightly concerned because I could see the Engineer in the closest engine looking at us closely.

Suddenly, magic happened.

He waved at us! We waved back! He blew his whistle! He pushed his load backwards! He turned on the bells! He pulled his load forward! He waved again! We wave even more excitedly! I had tears of joy- and I do now as I think of the look on Moo's face. He blew the whistle for us again and Moo beamed. I asked her to wave bye bye and she yelled "BYE CHOO-CHOO!" I'd like to think that he heard us.

Later that afternoon we all traveled to the Virginia Museum of Transportation to visit the trains and collect pictures for a book I plan to make for Moo. A train rumbled by as we visited. The Engineer waved to us. Moo was ecstatic and so we were.

Tonight at dinner I thought I'd begin talking with her a little more about Trains with a T rather than Choo-Choo's as we tend to call them. I asked her what starts with the letter T. Clearly the answer should have been Train.

"Tah! Mommy Tah choo-choo!"

Maybe my girl is a tomboy, maybe she's just a toddler with an obsession. Either way, seeing such passion and genuine love for something that she can learn so much from warms my heart.

*One of these nights I'll write about two children, a Circus Train, and a determined Grandaddy!

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