Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thin Places

The girls and I headed to the park this morning for another dose of Joy. Roo was strapped to me in her carrier and Moo giggled as I pushed her back and forth in the swing. I sipped coffee. It was lovely.

Minutes passed.  More moms and nannies arrived. Children of all ages began playing in various areas of the park. A little fellow and his mommy arrived to swing alongside us. He was wearing a Thomas shirt. Clearly, these were cool people.

The usual "mommy" talk began. We discussed the ages of our children, if two was harder than one, what it was like on Daddies, etc. She shared with me that she wanted another child but recounted how terrible her PPD had been with him. She had stopped nursing. She had been on medication. She was TERRIFIED of that all over again. I could relate. My PPD with Moo was one of the worst experiences of my life. So, I shared with her my experience of placenta encapsulation.

There is a whole other post waiting there, and it will come, but for now what I want to share is the relief that I saw on this mother's face. I could see excitement return to her and a huge weight come off her shoulders. "There is HOPE for me!" she said during our conversation. I gave her my contact information and that of my placenta gal. "Oh, I'm so glad we came to the park today!!"  She graciously thanked me and I told her she was more than welcome - and I meant it. We played for a bit more and we were on our way. As I loaded the girls in the van, she and her little fellow waved and grinned from across the park.

One of the weeks this past year at Women's Group, our leader talked about Thin Places- times when the veil between Heaven and Earth is so thin that you can see God working. There in a parking lot littered with minivans was a Thin Place.

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  1. "Thin Places"... I like that... I've always needed a name for those times.