Thursday, August 25, 2011

Top Billing

Being the older and more active of my two daughters due to their ages, Moo tends to get top billing. While Roo and I were out running errands and Moo napped at home while Daddy worked, I thought about how amazing it has been to see a child grow from newborn to infant as a second child. The experience has been totally different for me as a Mommy and for Roo as a baby.

Some of her first smiles and her first giggle were not responses to me or Daddy. Moo was the lucky recipent of such heavenly sounds. She watches her sister constantly, in awe of all that she is doing. Her world is much broader than Moo's was because we travel to parks, playdates, bookstores, etc. much more than Moo and I did during her first four months. I do realize that being born in two oppsite seasons has led to some of the differences, but I know being the little sister also has shaped her world tremendously.

While Moo adapts to sharing Mommy and Daddy, Roo knows no world without another little girl in the house. She has already been introduced to all things trains and been in and out of cabooses, diesel engines, and beautiful steam engines. She is am amazing little girl who smiles at everyone she meets, loves to play coy with Daddy while I hold her, and constantly looks for her adored, big sister.  She is a cuddle bug in a way that her sister was not, but has an indepedant streak when you least expect it. She seems to like owls and pink.  She's had nothing but breastmilk where her sister had formula and food by now.  She is much more sensitive than Moo was- she becomes upset when someone else is, reacts sooner to change in her environment, and senses earthquakes before they hit(which is a sense I'm not  excited we were able to experience). She looks like her mother, her father, and her sister. She is charming and sweet. She made my heart grow two sizes.

And she's growing up too fast.

Roo and her 4 Month Old smile!

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