Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Some days are better than others....

Today was a challenge. Both girls were needy and cranky. Moo is teething fiercly.  Naps and meals have suffered as a result. Roo must be in the middle of a growth spurt because she is either sleeping or attached to me. I feel a bit like a vampire victim. We were up early, down to nap super early, and awake much sooner than I'd hoped. We all had a long afternoon that resulted in a clean kitchen but a call for takeout. I've been emotional and sensitive. What I want is ice cream. What I need is a warm bath in a quiet room alone.

I am reminded that I will miss days like today. It will pass too quickly and the house will soon be much too quiet for my liking.  So for now I'll settle for Daddy handling bedtime, a cozily lit family room, a napping baby, soft music on Pandora.  Tomorrow morning will arrive and I'll be up much earlier than I'd choose.  But getting up to be Mommy to two little girls is the hardest job I've ever loved.

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