Monday, March 4, 2013

Daddy Day for All of Us

Family hike on High Bridge Trail.
I'm a bit cloudy as I write this from lack of sleep, lack of my one cup of coffee, and lack of my partner in crime. The girls and I head home today to see Daddy and settle back into our own space. I am generally very happy to go home and see my husband. But this trip, I am overjoyed to be returning to my fuzzy-faced Drew. I have missed him, I have missed his support, I have missed his help, but mostly I have missed that feeling of partnership that forms when you have a relationship with someone that deepens over time.
Renn Fest as an engaged couple.

On April 15, Drew and I will have been together for 6 years. While this isn't as long as many of you have been with your spouses and partners,  it's the longest relationship for either of us, the most solid relationship for either of us, and the relationship that feels like it has always been there.

We've had an eventful 6 years -  "met"**  in 2007, married in 2008, Miss Moo in 2009, moved to Richmond in 2010, Miss Roo in 2011, added Lady Loo to the crew in 2012, and expecting Baby Boy in about 4.5 weeks. As our family continues to grow and mature, so does our marriage.  I realize how much I treasure that man and all he does for us- whether I appreciate it at the time or not.

Roasting marshmallows with Roo.

So, we head home today. The girls get Daddy. I get my husband. And we all get our family of 4 reunion- for the last time before we grow.

** That's a post to come- probably when I'm nursing a newborn every 2-3 hours and unable to think well about anything ;)

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