Saturday, March 16, 2013

Today I Felt Pregnant.....

Really, REALLY pregnant. 

How can I tell?

  • I did errands this morning with the girls at 11 AM- to acquire the rest of their Easter stuff and gather art supplies for the next few weeks to entertain them.
  • I fixed leftovers for lunch.
  • I decided NOT to nap and go to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods ALONE rather than push the girls in a cart.
  • I looked up a new recipe to try for dinner and started bookmarking pages.
  • I let Drew do ALL the dinner prep cutting.
  • I sat down and watched TV with the girls while Drew did said cutting.
  • I double checked Miss Roo's birthday list to be sure it was done. (Her birthday is the END of April.)
  • I DIDN'T make my planned dessert.
  • I DID think "I might be done being pregnant."

So I'm propped up listening to Daddy do bedtime with Lady Loo snuggled by my side. Daddy has to work tonight starting at midnight so I may be solo for a big chunk of tomorrow.

Thank GOD I bought art supplies.

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