Thursday, March 7, 2013

MAP March 2013 - Part One - Maximizing Your Room's Space with Baby

By Malissa, Contributing Writer
Our family is truly blessed. We have two great girls and a little Boy on the way. We have a house that has 4 bedrooms in a good neighborhood in our city. My parents are willing to visit often to help with the girls as I grow larger and slow down. Andrew's job has changed since our move in 2010 and he works from home 100% of the time now. Our children are surrounded daily by the adults that love them.
However, a 4-bedroom house with a Daddy that needs an office and a NanaPop that need a guest room presents a problem for Baby Boy. Where will he go once he arrives? The girls share a room and are waiting on the arrival on a set of bunk beds to replace the twin they share most of the time. The addition of a twin over full bed severely limits our space for furniture in their room. After much discussing, we decided to put Baby Boy the only logical place  - our room.

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