Monday, March 25, 2013

Photos on the Wall

We have lived in this house for almost 3 years, and it's been our house, but it hasn't ever really felt like home. In all honesty, it's always been a WRECK. I could keep maybe one room together at a time, but not a whole house. Ever.

This pregnancy I decided we were going to GET this house together. And finally, it is! Andrew's office, the guest room, and the sun room are still a bit cluttered from baby prep and overall household overhaul.  But, the house as a whole is together and can be picked up in 20-30 minutes at any given time. Pictures are on the walls; rooms are decorated and arranged. I feel like this house will become a home when my son is born.

Today's projects were picture related.  I worked when I could around nap and games of Cootie, and this was the result.

The Family Room now has a wall of photos of our girls as it's centerpiece.

Family Room

Our bedroom wall is halfway done. Right now it houses 3 frames: a photo of a family of 3, a photo of a family of 4, and a frame for a photo of a family of 5.  It will soon have a wedding photo, a honeymoon photo, and photos of each of our 3 children.

Over our bed.

In the 3rd frame is a note to our little boy:

Note for Baby Boy.

Miss Roo was born at this point in my pregnancy with her - 38w 4d. He could come any time. I think we're finally ready to see that sweet face- and add it to our wall.

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  1. Wow superb photos, sounds like you've some wonderful ideas and plans, sounds like the end result will look very nice! Best of luck with the changes on Photographs and Pictures of Sun.